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Abramz started doing hiphop music in 1992 when he was still a kid. He has been writing, performing and recording music for so many years. He uses his gift as a rapper/hiphop artist to entertain, educate, empower, inspire and to connect people.
More music information coming soon.. but you can listen to, like, share and download some of Abramz music from here.

To listen to and download Abramz' music, go to this page.

To watch Abramz' music videos go to this page

Abramz performing at the opening night of "My World Images" festival 2010 in Denmark

Performing at the 2011 Bayimba festival at the Uganda national theatre

Abramz signing autographs for fans after his rap performance in Odense, Denmark during the 2008 street GAM3 tour in summer.

Sylvester & Abramz performing in Skorping during the 2010 'My World Images' festival tour in Denmark.

Abramz & Sylvester performing at the 2006 annual ZIFF festival in Zanzibar.

Sylvester & Abramz performing at the Namuwongo slum community development program in mid 2006.

Abramz performing at the Drum Beat show at Little Flowers, kampala in the year 2000.

Abramz and Sylvester's community show at Sharing Youth Centre, Nsambya in the year 2000.

Sylvester & Abramz performing at Kampala Secondary School in 1999.

Abramz & Sylvester performing at Theatre Continental, Kampala in the year 2000.

Listen to more of Sylvester & Abramz music on www.myspace.com/sylvesterabramz
Ugandan Hiphop Artist: Rapper & Bboy/Breakdancer