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Photo Gallery

For regular photo updates, follow @AbramzTekya on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abramztekya
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Nyla Hassell, Jolly Okot, Bun B (UGK), Abramz & Crazy Legs after a Bouncing Cats screening at Rice University in Houston, Texas (2010). Organized by Redbull USA. Discussion by Abramz, Crazy Legs and Jolly. Hosted by Bun B.

Abramz teaching at the breaking fundamentals workshops organized by the Bent Lines at Sharing Youth centre in Nsambya, Kampala, 2012. Photo by Astrid Dill

Abramz teaching at Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) Gulu in northern Uganda branch.

Abramz and Crazy on the summer stage at the 36th Rock Steady Crew anniversary at Central Park, New York. July, 2013.

Abramz & K'naan in Los Angeles, 2010.

Abramz and the legendary DJ Premier at the 36th anniversary of Rock Steady Crew, Central park, New York. 28 July 2013.

Kid David, Abramz and Roxrite at 'Claws Out' in L.A in november, 2010

Bouncing Cats screening & discussion with Abramz and Crazy Legs at Virginia Tech University, USA in november 2011.

Professor John Boyer, Crazy Legs & Abramz after a discussion/Q&A with more than 3000 students at the Bouncing Cats screening at Virginia Tech university, USA in november 2011.

Abramz with some of the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) Masaka district branch members.

Abramz and other members; Key, Moze the Beatboxer and Mark during their workshop at a high school during the WeFree tour in Rimini, Italy in October 2012. Photo by Joel Sames

Social change organizations: Breakdance Project Uganda, Transformers (Portugal), Skateistan (Afghanistan), Termini Underground (Rome,Italy), Unity Charity (Canada), Companhia Urbana De Dance (Brazil) & Street UniverCity (Germany) at San Patrignano, Italy during the 2012 WeFree days events.

Right after Abramz' four hour dance workshop in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa during the 2009 Waga Hiphop Festival.

Bboy Focus (Flow Mo/Finland) & Abramz at Floor Wars 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Graff, Amadou Fall Ba, Pindra, Abramz and Gacirah during the 2010 FESMAN festival in Dakar, Senegal.

Sen Kupe a.k.a Books and Abramz after Nomadic Wax's rooftop rap cypher in Dakar, Senagal, 2010. (Photo by Nomadic Wax)

Abramz teaching at the 2008 street GAM3 tour in Denmark.

Abramz performing at the 2010 'My World Images' festival in Denmark.

Abramz and Bboy Lamine (France) at Floor Wars 2009 in Copenhagen Denmark

Abramz & Jinjo Crew (Korea) during the 2011 Floor Wars in Copenhagen, Denmark

Abramz with some of the BPU family after a community show in Banda slum, Kampala.

Juju (Beat Nuts) with Abramz in New York, 2010

Abramz with the children of HEALS in Gulu, northern Uganda in 2007.

Rock Steady Crew members: Crazy Legs, Abramz, Ynot & Bgirl Bonita in L.A.

Bboy Machine (Zulu Kings/Killafornia) with Abramz at 'Claws Out' in L.A (2010).

Abramz in Soweto, South Africa right after getting down & exchanging inspiration in a raw street cypher with the bboys from the area, 2008.

Kid David, Abramz & Flea Rock after the Bouncing Cats premier in Los Angeles

Abramz with the kids after BPU's dance lesson at Shalom centre in Kisenyi slum, Kampala in december 2010.

Abramz speaking as Anna Lowez interprets at the 2009 Brave Festival in at Rejnek, Wroclaw, Poland.

Abramz performing and teaching in Odense, Denmark at street GAM3 tour during the 2008 summer.

Sylvester & Abramz with fans after their Kyendi Kyendi (I am who I am) remix music video shoot in Bwayise, Kampala in 2008.

Lilou (Pockemon Crew/France) with Abramz at the 'Festival of Black Arts' (FESMAN) festival in Dakar, Senegal in december 2010.

Dj Cavem (Moetavation/Zulu Nation) and Abramz

Abramz & Sylvester with fans during their performance at the 'My world Images' festival tour in Denmark (2011)

2011 'My World Images' festival tour in Denmark

Abramz hosting the 2004 Uganda hiphop summit organized by UG Hiphop foundation

Abramz, Mathurin, 7th Mic & Dj Magee at the 2009 Waga Hiphop festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Crazy Legs, Bail Roc & Abramz at the Bouncing Cats screening at the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas (2010).
Ugandan Hiphop Artist: Rapper & Bboy/Breakdancer